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The OPUS 20 datalogger is now available! WATCH VIDEO

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Our Most Popular Products:

HTAB176 Our most popular Temperature and Humidity indicator. FREE Ground Shipping!
5063-33 Humidity and Temp - Dial w/ White Face & Stainless steel case.
AB167 Humidity indicator - Dial w/ Black face & Brass case. This Hygrometer is certified to be accurate within ±3% RH.
HTAB169 Humidity and Temperature - Dial w/ Black Face & Brass Case is certified to be accurate within ±3% RH.
XC200 Meter Hand-held measuring device Lufft XC200 for measuring temperature and humidity.
XP200 Temperature and humidity measuring device compatible with various intelligent sensors.
XP100 Kit Lufft XP100 Temp recording meter with 3120.52 Plunge Sensor and 2m cable.
XP201 Highest-precision measurements for industrial temperature and humidity calibrations.
8120-00 Datalogger Lufft Opus 20 Datalogger for Temperature and RH.
8120-20 Datalogger Opus 20 Datalogger for Temperature, RH, and CO2.
IBOX for Opus 20 Datalogger Gateway for Industrial Measurement | Data collectors.
Thermo-Hygrograph Chart Thermohygrograph charts, a set includes 104 sheets. (Daily/Wkly) .
WS600-UMB Weather Station for Temperature / relative humidity / air pressure / wind / precipitation, with 10m cable.
WS500-UMB Weather Station for Temperature/ Relative Humidity / Air Pressure / Wind.
WS501-UMB Weather station for air temperature / relative humidity / air pressure / wind speed / wind direction / solar radiation.
Remote Monitoring System Our Monitoring system is designed specifically for unattended, long-term operation in harsh environments.

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